Q&A: Dr. Elise Brisco of Hollywood Vision

Dr. Elise Brisco leads the staff of optometrists at Hollywood Vision Center in Los Angeles

WaOH: What first inspired you to seek a career in optometry?

Brisco: I had a vision to help people medically. I chose Optometry to have the most impact because vision affects almost every facet of your life.

WaOH: What sets your practice apart from other optometry clinics and vision centers?

Brisco: We are a holistic, integrative practice. I incorporate both Eastern and Western principles into my treatment recommendations. I empower my patients with tools to take care of themselves between visits. I believe in wellness care: be proactive about your health instead of reactive. For example, have your teeth cleaned before you have a cavity, and change the oil on your car before it breaks down. The same thing applies to your eyes: have your eyes examined to help you seeing your best, and to catch early signs of eye health problems before they interfere with your vision.

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