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Perspective: Creating a culture change with breastfeeding

U.S. Surgeon General Regina Benjamin brought back the discussion of breastfeeding into mainstream media, calling for an initiative that promotes breastfeeding at home, at work and in the community. According […]

Link: Teens lie about abstinence, proof in STI tests

Below is a link to a release from the National Partnership for Women & Families citing a recent study that shows why sexually transmitted infection (STI) screenings should be a […]

Perspective: Pill could alter mate bonding

Oral contraceptives can make women have clearer skin, reduce cramps, cause weight gain and mess with our emotions. I’ve heard many women tell me that they felt more emotional than […]

Perspective: Science shows how men objectify women

A recent article by CNN explained how men view bikini-clad women as objects, according to new scientific research by Susan Fiske, a professor of psychology at Princeton University. The research […]

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